3 Ways to Keep Volunteers working Toward the Same Goals

If you were to ask 5 volunteers in your Kid’s Area to name the top goal, would you get 5 different answers? In many churches the answer would be “I don’t know,” but it doesn’t have to be that way. Most of the time it is simply that volunteers have never been told the ultimate goal in a clear and concise way. And when everyone isn’t working toward the same goals, it can be hard to generate momentum and move the ministry forward.

So here are 3 ways you can keep everyone on the same page, and in the process create a ton or momentum.

  1. Start with Why- Why does your kid’s ministry exist? What do you believe? The best organizations and churches always begin with why. Put into words what you believe that is unique to your ministry then share it with anyone who will listen, repeat it every week, create volunteer handouts, emails, and texts around, basically share it through every medium possible. Here is an example: “At ___________ we believe that every kid has the potential to be a hero, that they can learn to know what’s right and do it no matter what.”
  2. Create a win sheet- Once volunteers know why, it’s time to tell them how.  One of the best ways to do this is to put it in writing and give this “Win Sheet” to the volunteers every week. It lists tangible “wins” that we believe are the best measures of whether we’re accomplishing our why. The wins are anywhere from, “A kid receives salvation,” to “A kid invites a friend to church”, to “A kid does their weekly devotional.” They’ll be different for every ministry, but when volunteers know exactly the measurements you’re looking for, they’ll begin to go out of their way to make them happen.
  3. Celebrate the wins- This is huge. As volunteers catch the why and wins begin to roll in, celebrate every single one. The more you praise the wins, the more volunteers will want to make them happen. This means telling a volunteer they did a great job, texting all the volunteers every week to share the 1 or 2 best wins that happened on Sunday, having a party with volunteers to celebrate what’s happening, etc.

Doing these 3 things will help you to get all volunteers on the same page and generate huge amounts of momentum and positive energy.

Are there any other ways you keep volunteers on the same page? If so, comment below; I’d love to here them.

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