3 Ways to Make Kid’s Church a Place that Has Kids Begging to Come Back

Wish that kids were begging their parents to return every week?

For any Kid’s Pastor this would be an awesome win.

But for many it’s a huge frustration instead.

Nobody designs a kid’s service to be boring and ineffective.

Yet sometimes, despite our best efforts, the whole experience seems to strike out with kids.

Below are 3 ways to set your ministry up for a home run instead.

1. Bake excitement into everything

From the moment kids walk into the kid’s area, they should be energized. At the check-in area play upbeat Worship Music. When the kids come into the kids area, have the same music playing even louder. Do a 5 minute countdown music video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gIp9607GLq4). Open the service with an energetic welcome. Jump around and go crazy during worship. Involve the kids and at least 2 senses (sight, sound, touch, taste, smell) in the story. Keep everything moving quickly (it’s best to have things changing every 5 minutes or less, which may be dizzying to adults, but it’s engaging for kids).

2. Play as many games as possible

Kids love games. Time and time again with every kid we ask, they tell us their favorite part of the service is the games. We play tons of games: during free time before and after service, during large group, and even in Small Gorups. The kids love ice breaking games like “Would You Rather,” “The Ungame: Card Edition” and “2 Truths and a Lie.” And we also use a game every week in Large and Small Groups that illustrates our main idea. The kids absolutely love it, and it all ties in with the spiritual conversations we’re having.

3. Make sure your volunteers are excited

If your volunteers don’t want to be there, it will eventually become contagious to the kids. This one can be difficult because of how hard it can be to find volunteers. If you can’t afford to lose the downers, then have a conversation to figure out why they aren’t excited, and what you could do to help them get excited. Because excited volunteers are contagious too.

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2 Responses

  1. Melanie Norman says:

    Could you give more info/directions/ links for the games?

    • The ice breaker games we use for free time are on Amazon. The games we play in Large/Small Groups come with our curriculum; we use Orange. Sometimes we supplement games or switch them out; a great resource we use when we do that is: http://funninja.org/ They have tons of really creative and cool ideas for games.