3 Ways to Reach New Families in 2016

It’s becoming increasingly difficult to reach new families and bring them into the church.

There are a lot of reasons, but I don’t want to get into them with this post.

What I want to look at is what this means practically speaking.

Just because it’s more difficult to reach lost families, doesn’t mean it’s impossible.

It just means we have to be more intentional with our strategy, our influence, and our energy.


Unfortunately, the days of running a great kids environment and growing through capturing the natural flow of visitors are quickly fading.

This means we need to have a more active strategy for reaching out and bringing families in.

Is there anything you have at least monthly that is specifically designed for lost families to attend (a family service, a family night, etc.)?

Are there any places in the community where you could be more active (youth sports, public schools)?


For us, we do a family service every month designed as an entry point for lost families (To learn more about what a family service is, read this: http://wp.me/p6C3MZ-Y)

Being active in the larger community is something we’re currently weak at, but grappling with.

Currently, our church is located beside a subsidized apartment complex, so we’re looking into partnering with them to help however we can.


This is much more easily said than done.

Imagine if just 25% of your families brought one other family into your church each year.

It would lead to 25% growth year over year.

Like I said, this is not easily done, and we haven’t figured out how to inspire families to do it, but we believe it’s possible.

And it all starts with leveraging your influence with families.

Communicating to church families that reaching just one family outside the church over the course of a year isn’t a scary or impossible goal.

Then you also need to give families resources

What does it look like to build a deep relationship with another family?

Based on your context, does it mean just going for it and inviting, or does it mean hanging out over the course of a few months before giving an initial invitation?

You also need to create opportunities.

What do you have at least monthly that families can invite other families to (make sure you give families invitations to hand out).

The church is all about relationship, so it only seems natural to leverage your relationship with families in the church to help them leverage their relationships with families outside the church.


How do you spend most of your time?

Is it focused on things like preparing for Sundays, Wednesday Nights, and events for church families?

Or is it focused on creating opportunities for lost families?

Don’t get me wrong, church families and internal discipleship are vital, but your ministry can’t grow if that’s all you’re doing with your time.

It’s vital to carve out space to think about how, specifically, your church can reach lost families.

It’s also vital to think about how, specifically, you can influence your church’s families to reach lost families.

There’s a tension to hold here: You want to have strong discipleship for families inside the church, but also draw lost families to hear, and be transformed by, the gospel.

And when you see whole families choosing to accept the gospel and then growing as disciples; it will totally be worth the effort it takes to hold that difficult tension!



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