4 Ways to Grow Your Church and Reach Lost Families Through Kids Ministry

Sometimes it seems like Kid’s Ministry is viewed, to put it in the bluntest possible terms, as a necessary drain on the church’s resources and a place to send kids to be watched while their parents attend “Big Church.”

Hopefully that isn’t the case in your context, but it isn’t uncommon.

The truth is that Kid’s Ministry has huge potential to bring families that are far from God into the church.

And here are 4 ways to do it.

1. Teach Families to Invite.

This starts with why.

And the church probably has the best why in the world, which makes this easy: we want people far from God to become close to God.

But don’t just assume families get this.

Even though they probably know the why; it doesn’t mean the why is at the top of their minds all, or even most, of the time.

So put the why in front of kids and parents as often as possible: tell them why, tell them stories that show the impact of why, give them special events or reasons to act on why.

When kids and parents realize how important inviting is to you; it will become more important to them.

And it’s at that point that more unchurched families will begin to show up.

2. Improve your front end experience.

No matter how powerful you communicate the why of invitation, families won’t invite their unchurched friends if they’re afraid they’ll have a negative experience.

This means you need to have amazing customer service on the front end when families first walk into your environment.

Families should be greeted warmly, there should be a special designated area (with big signage) for first time families, there should be an immediate value add to new families (we give all new families a box of conversation starters: http://amzn.com/B005GXZONE), and the process should be as quick and painless as possible (For registration only ask for the basics: name, email, phone #, allergies).

If the parents walk out feeling really good about your Kid’s Environment, even if the adult service doesn’t blow them away, there’s a good chance they’ll be back.

3. Close the back door.

It’s not enough to get families to come; you also have to get them to stay.

That means you have to give them such an amazing experience that they never want to leave.

A big part of this happens on the front end.

It’s also important that their kids have a great time.

But equally important is your follow-up: how you push Sundays into the week and make parents feel truly empowered to disciple their kids.

That means giving parents a family devotional that goes along with what you learned in Kid’s Church like this: https://cloudup.com/c4cQhVfHuja.

It means emailing parents on Monday to review what happened the day before like this: http://us2.campaign-archive1.com/?u=9fb648e88891fb93480ab9e52&id=c4a852b1fb

And emailing parents again on Thursday with a helpful parenting article.

Finally texting parents on Saturday afternoon letting them know the main idea for the next day and giving them a question to talk about as a family.

You don’t have to do it exactly like this, but you should have a plan to keep discipleship at the top of parents minds throughout the week.

I realize that this seems like a lot, but as long as you’re careful to add value in your communication with parents, they’ll appreciate and even welcome it.

4. Do a family service.

Just last week I talked about how a family service can be a game changer (Read it here: http://wp.me/p6C3MZ-Y), and one of the biggest beneits is that it widens the front door to your church.

In our super busy world, having a time, even just once a month, for families to hangout together in church and have a lot of fun, is a huge win.

If it’s done well, families will feel the same way, and they’ll want to bring their friends to experience it with them.

It also creates another great opportunity to teach families to invite their unchurched friends.

In our family service we have something called a lightening round, which consists of two 1 minute slots.

In the first minute families talk about our big question for that week.

In the second minute families talk about who they can invite next month, and we encourage them to write it down.

Every church wants to grow, and Kid’s Ministry can be a driving force for that growth; I’d love to hear some of your strategies for growing the church through Kids Min.

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