Could the Crazy Idea of Replacing Kid’s Church with Family Church Work?

When is the most meaningful time spiritually in your Kid’s Church?

For us, hands down, it happens during small groups.

It’s when kids gets vulnerable, when they open up, when they share meaningfully, when they connect in real community, and when others are there to help them and pray for them.

I would guess that if you do small groups, that’s the most meaningful time for you too.

So when is the most meaningful time spiritually for kids, outside of Kid’s Church?

In talking with parents and kids, it seems to happen at different times and places, but the common denominator is that it usually happens between parents and kids.

By and large, kids are having their most spiritually meaningful moments during the week with their parents.

And that’s what got me thinking that maybe the way I’m doing kid’s church isn’t the best way.

Maybe the best way would be to bring parents into the large group setting to inspire them and set them up to talk spiritually with their kids.

Then the last 15 minutes, we would dismiss kids to small groups, and do  a more mature lesson/short sermon for parents and teens.

Here’s what the format would look like:

2 Worship Songs ~ 8 mins

Welcome/Month Theme/Verse/2 Hosts Problem ~ 4 mins

Game/Improv Skit w/Families ~ 8 mins

Story ~ 8 mins

Resolve Problem/Main Idea/Landing ~ 5 mins

Families answer questions/pray together  ~ 6 mins

Announcements/Offering ~ 6 mins

Total: 45 mins

Kids Small Groups and Parents Large Group (more mature content) ~ 15 mins

I’ve been trying to find someone to talk some sense into me and explain the grand flaw that would prevent this from ever working.

But at the same time I can’t shake the feeling that maybe, just maybe, it could work…really well.

And if it could work, it could be many times more effective than just Kid’s Church.

Could this work?

Is there something I’m completely missing?

I need your help. Leave a comment here or on Facebook!

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  1. Bill Gunter says:

    When I was the children’s pastor at a small church, we had a “family service” once a month, but most of the time it was the kids in “big church” and they were not engaged at all. I used the 252Basics FX in a modified form for a new type of family service. Since this would be THE Sunday service for the week, I knew a “regular” FX would not be sufficient. Here’s what we did:

    “Regular”service, opening song, welcome/announcements/prayer/offering/greeting, then the “family service” kicked in.

    Children were worship leaders leading the “worship set”, 3 or 4 songs with motions. The songs were videos we would use in kidzchurch.

    Then I introduced the message and the intro sketch, after the intro sketch, I would present about a 20 minute message geared to the multi-generations in the room, then the exit sketch, and I would “wrap it u”.

    It was well received for the most part and I heard of families talking about the service and the message through the week and even months later, they remember the services and the messages.

    It allowed the adults to hear what the children were learning and gave them a springboard for further discussions through the week. People began to look forward to coming to the family service!

    I used the familiar structure to engage families.

    The negatives…. adults saw the children in front as performing and not leading. A mindset I couldn’t change while I was there.

    If this isn’t the main service, but a complimentary format, it may work as long as the adults don’t see it as a “children’s service” that they are attending, but something for them as well.

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